Happy Birthday, Dear Author

Jane Austen was born December 16, 1775. Were she alive today, she would have reached the remarkable age of 238, or as she might have said, “Eight and two hundred thirty.” No doubt the clamor for her miraculous utterances would be so great, she would not get much writing done. Thankfully, we have her amazing words with us still. She is a writer for the ages.
A year ago at this time I was trying to muster the courage to send the first three chapters of TRC to Meryton Press.  I asked myself, “What would Jane Austen do?” She said to me, courteously translating herself into a modern vernacular she thought I would understand, “Do it old school, girlfriend.” It worked. The proposal (three chapters, the outline, and a cover letter) were printed on real paper and sent via the postal service. It got their attention.
So thanks, Jane, and Happy Birthday! On you, 238 looks pretty damned good.