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The Red Chrysanthemum at Garden Fever! Book Soiree

On Sunday, February 2, I will be performing a reading from TRC at the 11th Annual Garden Fever! Book Soiree, always held in Super Bowl Sunday. For those of you not familiar with the Portland, OR gardening scene, Garden Fever! is  the best small neighborhood garden center in the tri-county area, and I dearly wish Lori and Richard Vollmer would branch out into Sellwood. I had the honor of reading at the very first soiree, where local garden writers were encouraged to read from books that inspired us. I read from Christopher Lloyd’s Clematis, the 1989 edition.

Since that first reading, I have read several more times, as my gardening books were published, and Garden Fever! has been a great supporter of Timber Press, an internationally recognized publisher of the best gardening books, carrying most of their titles, including my two whilst both were in print. In addition to that support, I’ve taught classes at Garden Fever!, and have performed with Lori and Richard in the Goddess Flora Chorus and Deadheading Society, now, alas, defunct. For many years the Chorus performed at the GF! winter celebration, performing horticultural carols for which I wrote the lyrics.

Imagine my surprise when, whilst Christmas shopping, Lori insisted I participate in Soiree #11. “Lori!” says I, “TRC is fiction! Yes, it is flowery, but you’ve never had a fiction author flog a work of fiction.” She was insistent. So copies of TRC have been ordered, and I’ll be there, watching as my gardening and JAFF worlds collide. Really, the GF! gang ought to be selling tickets.

For more information, and a list of the authors joining me, visit!/EVENTS_%26_/CLASSES.html